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El Mirador | Pitalito, Colombia

Clove, green pepper, ruby red grapefruit and caramel. Great balance, medium body, silky clean finish.

Sulawesi Mamasa Toraja

Tobacco, grapefruit and cedar with sweet caramel undercurrent and lemon black tea finish. Big body, nice range of balanced spice and citrus.

The Narrows Espresso Blend

Our in-house espresso and signature blend, The Narrows is supple and smooth with a full top-to-bottom body. Notes of chocolate, caramel, spice with a subtle fruit finish.

Finca el Silencio | Timana, Huila, Colombia

An exclusive to Bluebeard, Sr. Serrato's coffee delivers toffee, butterscotch, berry and hint of cinnamon. Silky medium body.

Konga Natural | Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia

Dried strawberry lemonade with caramel. Floral with dark chocolate underpinnings. Coffee cherry and wine.

Finca Matalapa Lot #1 | El Salvador

Salted caramel and chocolate nibs with candied orange. Hint of grape, pear, ginger & spice. Sweet & savory, juicy mouthfeel, clean finish.

Grapos Cooperative | Chiapas, Mexico | FTO

Semi-sweet dark chocolate, big cocoa body, caramel, flor de sel, floral finish and Bird Friendly to boot.

Royal Select Water Processed Decaf

A water-processed blend of Sumatran and Latin coffees, our decaf is smooth and rich with nice chocolate and no bitterness.