Bluebeard is looking for a few good places to feature our fine coffees. Roasting the best specialty coffees available on a 12-kilo Probat, Bluebeard is confident in their coffees’¬†outstanding flavors, the reliability of their service and thoroughness of their training.

Our goal and promise to those who buy our beans is based on a simple premise. You provide a good product. You back it up. You say what you do and then you do it. Every time.

We evaluate each opportunity on its merits. Ask us about equipment, we work with many of the premiere equipment providers in the business. If we can’t provide it, we are happy to resell at a healthy discount.

Training is important and simple. The better trained and informed our wholesale partners are in describing and extracting Bluebeard’s beans, the better both of us look and taste. We want to spend time with you.

We hope your cafe, restaurant, market or business will consider Bluebeard Coffee Roasters.

253.272.5600 or wh@bluebeardcoffee.com for inquiries.